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Frequently asked questions

Who Should I Contact When I Have A Question?
For Internet questions or help, please send an email to us or submit the online form below. Jobbly team would be happy to help you!
How Long Does It Takes To Receive The Answer?
We will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours during business hours.
Is Jobbly free?
The basic functionality of Jobbly is absolutely free for download and use. We also offer additional functionality and premium features for a monthly subscription fee.
When will Jobbly move from beta version to the final product?
We are working on a lot of exciting features for Jobbly and there is a long way ahead, but we are forecasting to release the final version in the second half of 2023.

Jobbly Milestone

  • 2023 Spring
    Job Tracking Throughout Platforms
    Quick add jobs into Jobbly Extension throughout different platforms.
  • 2023 Summer
    A data dashboard to let you track your job searching journey
  • 2023 Fall
    Share job searching experience within your own community.
  • 2023 Winter
    Harnessing the power of advanced language technology, our platform is specifically designed to effortlessly optimize resumes, ensuring they align perfectly with desired job requirements.
  • 2024 Spring ~ Summer
    Analyze thoroughly and suggest the best learning approach to increase your chances of securing your dream job and smoothly adapting to the desired role. Ensure a seamless transition from the interview stage to receiving an offer and successfully ramping up your performance.

Who we are

The Jobbly team

Alvin Liu

Alvin Liu

Addicted to Guinness beer, it will get me high
Kun Hua Chiao

Kun Hua Chiao

I realized that having good friends is more important than getting good grades at age 18. I lived happier ever after.
Teng Yung Lin

Teng Yung Lin

#Crossfit #Golf #Snowboard
Nikita Newcomb

Nikita Newcomb

Shawn Tseng

Shawn Tseng

The animal you’d be if you knew you’d be reincarnated as an animal.

Translation Specialists

Eliana Hou

Eliana Hou

Good at localization translation and desire to become a project manager and instructional designer.
Lily Liu

Lily Liu

I am a life-long learner who always seeks a simple and relaxing lifestyle. I have an interest in poetry localization and news translation.
Yulicia Zhang

Yulicia Zhang

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Always love creative translation.
Xijinyan Chen

Xijinyan Chen

Enjoying translating, interpreting and teaching my lovely students.
Zumba addict.

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